Helping Hands in Germany – The Early Adopters

Helping Hands is a totally new concept for Germany – it’s not your typical contrived team building event. It’s completely different. It takes a leap in faith and a willingness to move outside the box – and I want to acknowledge the people and companies who have done this so far…

In his book The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell says „The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.“

There’s a great video on this from Derek Sivers and TED that shows this „magic moment“ in reality – „How to Start a Movement“ – it’s just over 3 minutes and definitely worth a look! You’ll find it amusing.



That threshold he calls „The Tipping Point“ – and that’s what we’re in search of for Helping Hands. Once we reach that we can make the most impact.

Everett Rogers in his book Diffusion of Innovation proposes that four main elements influence the spread of a new idea: the innovation itself, communication channels, time, and a social system. The innovation must be widely adopted in order to self-sustain. Within the rate of adoption, there is a point at which an innovation reaches critical mass.

The categories of adopters are innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, and laggards.

The innovators were those who first conceptualised the idea of building hands as a team event in the USA some years ago.

The early adopters here in Germany are the companies that I’ve worked with over the last months – and I want to take a moment to acknoweldge these people and companies. It is people and companies like you that make a big difference in the world. I applaud your willingness to be an Early Adopter and to make a positive difference in the world.

Chris Gulley

June 2017

blumenhaus wagner helping handsBlumenhaus Wagner (Rheda Wiedenbrück) – Roland Wagner

berlin events helping hands
Berlin Event  – Olaf Marsson

sap march 2017 helping hands
SAP March 2017 – Gaby Wenneker

roche helping hands
Roche – Gerhild Rutkowski

sap june 2017 helping hands
SAP June 2017 – Aazmi Ashraf

gardena helping hands team buildingGardena – Benjamin Herbert

abbott helping handsAbbott – Nikola Bücker

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