A unique and powerful combination of team building and charity

“One of the best team building events we have experienced in our many years of professional experience – both for team management and team members.”
Gaby Wenneker, SAP
“With other team building events you think about how you act, look, present yourself… Here you just want to help another person.”
Participant, Abbott

What Is Helping Hands?

Helping Hands is a truly unique team building opportunity for organisations to make a real difference in the world and, at the same time, build team cohesion and purpose. A worldwide program – now in Germany

Designed for all sizes of teams – from 4 right through to 4,000 people. We come to you – Germany and Europe-wide. We travel to your team – all over Germany and Europe.

In 2.5 to 3.0 hours, your team will assemble real prosthetic hands for donation to amputee landmine victims (and other people in need) in developing countries.

Your team, by building these hands, will significantly improve people’s lives – guaranteed!

Helping Hands is a unique blend of for-profit and not-for-profit organisations. It is, first and foremost, a team building event – with the added bonus of having a charitable outcome.

A Hand Kit Set costs 250,00€ per set. The optimal group size per Hand Kit Set is four (but two to also works). We make no profit from the Hands themselves (see ‘FAQs’ below…). There are additional costs for the event facilitator and travel (starting from €700.00 minimum).

Helping Hands is not a contrived or ‘fake’ team activity that will be soon forgotten. This event is ‘real’ and connects your team and your company in many ways not possible by other team building activities.

You and your team will remember this event for months and years to come…

Helping Hands is a hugely successful worlwide team building program – over 45.000 hands have been built by corporate teams from the USA, Australia, New Zealand and England. In Germany, Helping Hands is relatively new (September 2016).

You and your team can be part of this worldwide movement.

It is people like you – those that can see the HUGE benefits of this event for their teams and the recipients of the hands – that make the difference.

Team Building Event
Team Building Veranstaltung
Helping Hands Handprothesen team building
Handprothese Helping Hands ln4 hand

What’s In It For Me / Us?

For your team

Positive Difference

The knowledge that you, personally, have made a real positive difference in someone’s life – a real person in need. Prosthetic hands enable recipients to work, to better function in everyday things that we take for granted.

Feel Good Factor

Your team will feel good about themselves, their colleagues, your company and what they have accomplished together. This is not just a short-term feeling – this event will be remembered for months and years to come. Deriving that same, lasting impact from a ‘just for fun’ event is incredibly difficult at best.

Raise Awareness

A raised awareness of what it is like to live with a disability and, thus, empathy with people less fortunate than us. The event may also raise awareness of the individual, sometimes hidden, strengths that lie within us all. When linked to ‘purpose’ the event may also raise awareness of each person’s purpose within your company.

For your organisation


This team building event helps emphasise that, by really collaborating behind a common goal, a team can achieve better results than individuals working in isolation. The event is run NOT as a competition (unlike most other team events) but as a collaborative exercise. At the end, their won’t be a few winners – your entire team will be winners.
The nature of Helping Hands is also such that no one in your team will be excluded or feel ‘at risk’ in any way. This event incudes EVERYONE.

Customer Focus

The end-users (customers) of the hands your team will be building have very specific needs and quality concerns. Your team needs to keep these at the forefont when building and testing the hands. Parallels can be made from the activity directly to your own business and your own customer needs.


Improved team morale – by being fully involved in such a good cause results in people feeling good about themselves, their team and the company they work for. We also find that 100% of participants are happy and willing to participate in this great cause.

Public Relation

A PR opportunity – many organisations use this event as an internal and external public relations exercise.

  • Many thanks to Chris for this special and different team building eent. Helping Hands combines fun, team work and the possibility to help people.

    Olaf Marsson Berlin Event
  • My team consists of 15 employees aged 17-64 years. It is not easy to find something that appeals to everyone and that can be done together. The "Helping Hands" program has achieved this and my team was very happy to have done something together. And then especially something that directly helps other people!

    Roland Wagner Blumenhaus Wagner
  • "One of the best teambuilding events we have experienced in our many years of professional experience - both for team management and team members. It had a very motivating effect, on the one hand, because we could do something real, but above all because we were all forced to look at and experience the world from the perspective of another person: "from our customer". The team then realized that this team experience put life back into the right perspective and has an inspiring effect on us as colleagues as well as as private people. Thanks to Chris for bringing this program to Germany."

    Gaby Wenneker SAP
  • "It was great to have something tangible at the end of it, and to work towards a worthy cause, rather than an arbitrary objective like some trainings!!"

    Julia World Vision
  • “Helping Hands was a great activity that fitted perfectly with the values and culture of the Ausure group. It’s a team building activity I would recommend to any organisation looking to give employees a unique experience.”

    Scott McCarthy AFM CEO
  • “There was a vastly increased level of team cohesiveness. We really had an opportunity to know each other better and to have some fun together in a way that increases our commitment to work together effectively. Knowing that we actually made a significant positive difference in the lives of people who so badly need it, was astonishing!”

    Jean E. Deering AVP Learning & Development Manager BD / SBS L & D Wells Fargo Bank

How Does The Event Work?

The event normally happens indoors at tables (e.g. during a conference) and takes around 2.5 to 3.0 hours.

Our facilitator introduces this activity through the use of a powerful video and Power Point presentation. Participants then realise that the activity they will be engaged in has a real, charitable purpose.

In groups of 3 to 4 people, your team then goes about building the prosthetic hands. There are detailed instructions provided, as well as a ‘Help Desk’, so all groups are set-up for success.

The Challenge!
The Challenge!
As an added challenge, normally each person has one hand ‘covered’ during the build process. This helps to remind them of why they are doing the activity and what it is like to live with such a disability.
Each assembled hand is then put into a container which has been uniquely decorated by each team. You will then have a photo taken with it as a team. This photo is then packed together with the hand.

As an added challenge, normally each person has one hand ‘covered’ during the build process. This helps to remind them of why they are doing the activity and what it is like to live with such a disability.

Each assembled hand is then put into a container which has been uniquely decorated by each team. You will then have a photo taken with it as a team. This photo is then packed together with the hand so that the recipients can see a picture of the people that made their hand for them.

Our facilitator runs a debrief session depending on the desired outcomes for the event.

At the end of the event we share stories and videos from real recipients that really brings home how much of a difference the hands will make to their lives. It is a fantastic way to complete the activity as it ensures that all participants are left energised and with a renewed sense of purpose.

Handprothese Helping Hands Kit Box
Handprothese Helping Hands Box
Handprothese Helping Hands Set
Handprothese Helping Hands Kit
Handprothese Helping Hands ln4 hand

Then What?

The assembled hands are sent to ‘fitting days’ as organised by, for the most part, Rotary International the LN-4 Foundation (www.ln-4.org ) where the hands are fitted to their new owners – TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE.

Where possible, there will be a photo taken of the recipient together with the package that your team decorated, as well as their team’s own photo. When we see this posted online we will do our best to inform you (see FAQs).

Thank you!
Thank you!
Occasionally, there will be a photo taken of the recipient together with the package that your team decorated. Where possible we send this to you.

Want a Quote or More Information?

A TV report about Helping Hands

More Information

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What Does It Cost?

Hand Kit Sets cost €250,00 each. Each kit set is built by a team of 3 to 4 people. There is zero profit made on hands (see below).

Added to this is a basic, reasonable fee for our facilitator(s), organisation and travel (starting from €700.00).

The costs for this event are completely transparent and you will know exactly where your money has been invested.

More about the cost of LN4 Prosthetic Hands;

The Helping Hands Program is a partnership between for-profit and not-for-profit organisations.

The Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation (EMPHF), a non-profit organisation in the USA, supplies the basic parts for the hands, Odyssey Teams Incorporated (also USA) develop the assembly of the hands as a team building program, assemble kit-sets and ship these resources world-wide to partners such as Team Benefit here in Germany.

Team Benefit orders hands, develops the materials in German and advertises and facilitates the workshops for you, the client. The assembled hands, together with team photos, are then shipped back to Odyssey Teams who then quality check the hands before they are sent back to the LN4 Foundation for distribution.

The EMPHF, in many cases, utilises the services of Rotary International (non-profit) to organise a team to travel with and fit the hands, completely free of charge, to the recipients. If Rotary is not involved, another charitable organisation will be.

The cost of 250 Euros pays for the supply chain of the hand from production right through to them being back with the EMPHF ready to be taken to recipients and fitted.

Therefore, the cost of a hand includes;
– the hand parts themselves
– the program development
– workshop associated resources
– international freight x2
– local freight x2
– any customs duties
– storage
– quality checks

Team Benefit in Germany is, at best, covering their costs with what they charge for each hand kitset.

Team Benefit charges a facilitation fee for each workshop/event. This fee is used to pay the facilitator and handle event logistics (ordering hands, travel arrangements, event packing, etc.).

The Helping Hands Program is the primary and exclusive source of funding, assembly and quality assurance of the hands with over 30,000 hands funded, assembled and delivered to recipients so far. Cash donations can be made directly to the Foundation and 100% of the proceeds go towards R&D of new hand design and distribution.

The nature of the LN4 Hand, and the way they are distributed, are such that there is, and cannot be, any “black market” for them. They have no commercial value. Unlike the donation of food or money, there is no chance of assembled hands being used for anything but their intended purpose.

LN4 Foundation PDF Download


02. How To Get a Quote or Book an Event?

Simply contact the Helping Hands team using the contact details on this website.

03. Client List
  • SAP
  • Roche
  • Blumenhaus Wagner
  • Abbott
  • Husqvarna Group
  • Mercedes
  • Ministerium für Arbeit
  • Siemens
  • Samsung
  • Cummins
  • Bilfinger
  • Deutsche Bahn
  • Segro
  • Arvato
  • u.s.w…


04. English or German?

We can run this event in either language… but English is easiest 🙂

05. Who Runs Helping Hands in Germany? (about Chris Gulley)

Chris come from New Zealand. He started a successful team building company called “Elevate” 22 years ago.Elevate runs approx. 170 team building events each year – all with links to charitable outcomes. Helping Hands is one of these events and one where Chris has seen the amazing difference that this event makes with the people who participate and, of course, the recipients of the hands. Chris moved to Germany in 2012 and chose to offer Helping Hands to forward-thinking teams here.

Chris’ belief is that people in workplaces, by connecting behind higher purposes, perform better and contribute to a better world.

06. Who Created This?

The Helping Hands Program is a program that was founded in the USA and has now spread to Australasia and, now, Europe.

The Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation, has delivered around 30,000 LN-4 prosthetic hands, in over 74 countries since 2005. Their goal is to provide an LN-4 Prosthetic Hand to all who want one, always for free.

More information can be found on their website. (go to www.ln-4.org )

07. Is This A Charity? Can we get a Donation Receipt?

Helping Hands is a unique partnership between for-profit and not-for-profit organisations. Helping Hands should be viewed first and foremost as a “team building event” but with a very charitable outcome. It is this unique partnership that has enabled so many businesses to experience the amazing results of a team event with such an outcome and over 30,000 people in need to receive prosthetic hands.

We are unable to produce an invoice that can be written-off as charity – we are not a registered charitable organisation, and the company that we purchase the hand kit sets from (and which is the ONLY way hand kits are purchased worldwide) is also not a charity organisation. This company buys the hand kit sets from a charity (www.ln-4.org) and packages it together into a team building kitset (https://odysseyteams.com/shop/). For this packaging and the proprietary rights, they make a small profit.

Here in Germany, we make no profit from the hand kit sets.

So, unfortunately, there are no donation tax benefits – only massive benefits for your team and, of course, the hand recipients.

08. Will We Get A Photo of the Person Who Gets Our Hand?

When a hand is built, a photo of the team that built the hand is printed and placed in the hand’s decorated protective carry case.

At some future time, someone somewhere in the world will see this photo of the people who built ‘their’ hand.

When possible, a photo is taken of the recipient with the photo and/or decorated carry case.

Again, only when possible, these photos appear on Facebook feeds which we then share on the Team Benefit Facebook feed ( https://www.facebook.com/teambenefit.de/ ).

It is possible, but in no way gauranteed, that a photo of your team, or one of your teams, will appear.

To avoid disappointment, the best way to consider this is that people who have built a hand are now part of a worldwide movement to provide free LN4 hands to those in need. Therefore, you and your team have played a part in ANY photo of someone receiving a LN4 hand.

We hope you get to see the person who received your hand but, as stated, it is in no way guaranteed.

09. Can I Purchase A Hand To Build?

Yes. You can purchase one or more hands to build. Simply contact us.

10. Press Articles

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11. Landmines – The Awful Truth



Helping Hands

Contact Person: Chris Gulley

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