“One of the best team building events we have experienced in our many years of professional experience – both for team management and team members.”
Gaby Wenneker, SAP, March 2017

“With other team building events you think about how you act, look, present yourself… Here you just want to help another person.”
Participant, Abbott, June 2017

What Is Helping Hands?

Helping Hands is a truly unique team building opportunity for organisations to make a real difference in the world and, at the same time, build team cohesion and purpose. A worldwide program – now in Germany

Designed for all sizes of teams – from 4 right through to 4,000 people. We come to you – Germany and Europe-wide. We travel to your team – all over Germany and Europe.

In 2.5 to 3.0 hours, your team will assemble real prosthetic hands for donation to amputee landmine victims (and other people in need) in developing countries.

Your team, by building these hands, will significantly improve people’s lives – guaranteed!

Helping Hands is a unique blend of for-profit and not-for-profit organisations. It is, first and foremost, a team building event – with the added bonus of having a charitable outcome.

A Hand Kitset costs 250,00€ per set. The optimal group size per Hand Kitset is four (but three or five also works). We make no profit from the Hands themsleves (seee ‘FAQs’ below…). There are additional costs for the event facilitator and travel (starting from €700.00).

Helping Hands is not a contrived or ‘fake’ team activity that will be soon forgotten. This event is ‘real’ and connects your team and your company in many ways not possible by other team building activities.

You and your team will remember this event for months and years to come…

Helping Hands is a hugely successful worlwide team building program – over 33.000 hands have been built by corporate teams from the USA, Australia, New Zealand and England. In Germany, Helping Hands is relatively new (September 2016).

You and your team can be part of this worldwide movement.

It is people like you – those that can see the HUGE benefits of this event for their teams and the recipients of the hands – that make the difference.

What’s In It For Me / Us?


The knowledge that you, personally, have made a real positive difference in someone’s life – a real person in need. Prosthetic hands enable recipients to work, to better function in everyday things that we take for granted.


Your team will feel good about themselves, their colleagues, your company and what they have accomplished together. This is not just a short-term feeling – this event will be remembered for months and years to come. Deriving that same, lasting impact from a ‘just for fun’ event is incredibly difficult at best.


A raised awareness of what it is like to live with a disability and, thus, empathy with people less fortunate than us. The event may also raise awareness of the individual, sometimes hidden, strengths that lie within us all. When linked to ‘purpose’ the event may also raise awareness of each person’s purpose within your company.

Thought Cards

For your organisation


This team building event helps emphasise that, by really collaborating behind a common goal, a team can achieve better results than individuals working in isolation. The event is run NOT as a competition (unlike most other team events) but as a collaborative exercise. At the end, their won’t be a few winners – your entire team will be winners.
The nature of Helping Hands is also such that no one in your team will be excluded or feel ‘at risk’ in any way. This event incudes EVERYONE.


The end-users (customers) of the hands your team will be building have very specific needs and quality concerns. Your team needs to keep these at the forefont when building and testing the hands. Parallels can be made from the activity directly to your own business and your own customer needs.


Improved team morale – by being fully involved in such a good cause results in people feeling good about themselves, their team and the company they work for. We also find that 100% of participants are happy and willing to participate in this great cause.

How Does The Event Work?

Our facilitator introduces this activity through the use of a powerful video and Power Point presentation. Participants then realise that the activity they will be engaged in has a real, charitable purpose.

The event normally happens indoors at tables (e.g. during a conference) and takes around 2.5 to 3.0 hours.

In groups of 3 to 4 people, your team then goes about building the prosthetic hands. There are detailed instructions provided, as well as a ‘Help Desk’, so all groups are set-up for success.

As an added challenge, normally each person has one hand ‘covered’ during the build process. This helps to remind them of why they are doing the activity and what it is like to live with such a disability.

Each assembled hand is then put into a container which has been uniquely decorated by each team. You will then have a photo taken with it as a team. This photo is then packed together with the hand so that the recipients can see a picture of the people that made their hand for them.

Our facilitator runs a debrief session depending on the desired outcomes for the event.

At the end of the event we share stories and videos from real recipients that really brings home how much of a difference the hands will make to their lives. It is a fantastic way to complete the activity as it ensures that all participants are left energised and with a renewed sense of purpose.

Then What?

Where possible, there will be a photo taken of the recipient together with the package that your team decorated, as well as their team’s own photo. When we see this posted online we will do our best to inform you (see FAQs).

The assembled hands are sent to ‘fitting days’ as organised by, for the most part, Rotary International the LN-4 Foundation (www.ln-4.org ) where the hands are fitted to their new owners – TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE.