01. What does it cost?

Hand Kit-Sets cost €250,00 each. Each kit-set is built by a team of 3 to 4 people.

Added to this is a fee for our facilitator, helper (if needed), organisation and travel (starting from €700.00).

More about the cost of LN4 Prosthetic Hands;

The Helping Hands Program is a partnership between for-profit and not-for-profit organisations.

The Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation (EMPHF), a non-profit organisation in the USA, supplies the basic parts for the hands.

Team Benefit orders hands, develops the materials in German and advertises and facilitates the workshops for you, the client. The assembled hands, together with team photos, are then quality checked and shipped around the world for distribution.

The EMPHF, in many cases, utilises the services of Rotary International (non-profit) to fit the hands, completely free of charge, to the recipients.

The cost of €250,00 Euros pays for the supply chain of the hand from production right through to them being fitted to recipients.

The Helping Hands Program is the primary and exclusive source of funding, assembly and quality assurance of the hands with over 55,000 hands funded, assembled and delivered to recipients so far.

02. How Do I Get a Quote or Book an Event?

Simply contact the Helping Hands team using the contact details on this website.

03. English or German?

We can run this event in either language.

04. Who Runs Helping Hands in Germany? 

Chris Gulley comes from New Zealand. He started a team building company there in 1995. Helping Hands is one of the events that is run there and one where Chris has seen the amazing difference that this event makes with the people who participate and, of course, the recipients of the hands. Chris moved to Germany in 2012 and chose to offer Helping Hands to forward-thinking teams here.

Chris’ belief is that people in workplaces, by connecting behind higher purposes, perform better and contribute to a better world.

05. Who Created This?

The Helping Hands Program is a program that was founded in the USA and has now spread to Australasia and, now, Europe.

The Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation, has delivered around 55,000 LN-4 prosthetic hands, in over 85 countries since 2005. Their goal is to provide an LN-4 Prosthetic Hand to all who want one, always for free.

More information can be found on their website. (go to www.ln-4.org )

06. Is This A Charity? Can we get a Donation Receipt?

Helping Hands is a unique partnership between for-profit and not-for-profit organisations. Helping Hands should be viewed first and foremost as a “team building event” but with a very charitable outcome. It is this unique partnership that has enabled so many businesses to experience the amazing results of a team event with such an outcome and over 55,000 people in need to receive prosthetic hands.

We are unable to produce an invoice that can be taxed as a charitable donation– we are not a registered charitable organisation, and the company that we purchase the hand kit sets from (and which is the ONLY way hand kits are purchased worldwide) is also not a charity organisation. This company buys the hand kit sets from a charity (www.ln-4.org) and packages it together into a team building kitset (https://odysseyteams.com/shop/). For this packaging and the proprietary rights, they make a small profit.

So, unfortunately, there are no donation tax benefits – only massive benefits for your team and, of course, the hand recipients.

07. Will We Get A Photo of the Person Who Gets Our Hand?

When a hand is built, a photo of the team that built the hand is printed and placed in the hand’s decorated protective carry case.

At some future time, a recipient somewhere in the world will see this photo of the people who built ‘their’ hand.

When possible, a photo is taken of the recipient with the photo and/or decorated carry case.

Again, only when possible, we will share these photos with you.

It is possible, but in no way guaranteed, that a photo of your team, or one of your teams, will appear.

08. Can I Purchase A Hand To Build?

Yes. You can purchase one or more hands to build. Simply contact us.